Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Dolly Dress

Recently I finished up a new dress for my big girl - I think she grew over the summer because most of her dresses are too short now. I call this little number the Hello Dolly dress because of the dolls on the fabric - cheesy I know! :) I just added it to my etsy shop, but thought I would share it with you guys too. It was a fun dress to make (I used the CaliFaye Collections Racerback Dress pattern) and my girl loves it because it's a good twirling dress. 



I happened to get lots of photos because my model was in a great mood on this particular day. She was totally into posing and prissing around, and sometimes that's not the case so I just rolled with it. The fabric is a soft gray color with dolls on it. I added the green bow and trim for a little something extra, and I like the way the green trim makes the hem of the dress stand away from the body and have more bounce to it. We layered it over a shirt for the fall weather, but it would be just as cute without one and worn with sandals in the summer.

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