Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our sweet girl turns 5!

This past Saturday was our first born's 5th birthday party. I can't even believe I'm writing those words....how can it be that 5 years have passed?! She decided on a circus birthday, which I thought was a great idea so of  course I took it on as my job to make it as awesome as possible. We had it at our house in the backyard, and the weather was amazing. Sunny, 70 degrees - you can't ask for more in Mississippi. I could live all year round in weather like this! 

But back to my sweet birthday girl, this age is so special and kind of hard all at the same time. I feel like she's still part baby (as in she whines sometimes, tattles, occasionally throws a fit when she doesn't get her way) but now she's also trying to be so big (trying to read, writing her name and other words by herself, helping me clean up the kitchen and put the silverware away, loves to take walks around the neighborhood, wants to fish at the pond with the older kids and is actually really good at casting, loves to make her own books, and do really hard puzzles). She loves to paint, draw, or do any kind of craft and she also is a little sensitive sometimes. She is a really great big sister and loves her some little E! They have their moments of fighting, but most of the time they play so well together - I just love to watch them. (She told me she wanted to marry Edie one day - ha!). She is also becoming more self-aware and I can tell she gets shy in some situations or more self-conscious than she used to...for instance she has been worried about her ballet recital for months, like it's seriously on her brain and she does not want to be on stage. So this age has kind of been a challenge for us, just trying to nip any sassy behavior in the bud but also letting her do new things and have more responsibility. Anyways, I usually don't write too much about my family as I don't really want this blog to be about that, but sometimes I just like to jot down a few things about my girls so I can look back in the future and remember their personalities at these tender ages. 

We had lots of games and activities for the kids - a photo booth, popcorn machine, "ring of fire" for the lions to jump through, face painting, a pin the clown on Cella game, and a clown pinata.

 The photo booth was my fave.....it turned out cute and the kids that gave it a whirl absolutely loved it. There were definitely a few hams in the bunch!  My mom let me use this cute little stand from her school that I made into the props area - most of the props were from our own dress up clothes stash but I did buy a few animal masks in the dollar spot at Michael's which were pretty cute. 

 The cake. It was so darling and tasted amazing. Cella loved it. (A local gal made it ~ She does it out of her home and doesn't have a website, so if you want her name just contact me.)

 The "ring of fire". Ha! Kind of hilarious, I know, but the kids did like this. They took turns throwing a lion stuffed animal through the hoop (and some thought it was a swing, which didn't work out so well.....). I used a hula-hoop and made the "fire" with fabric scraps from my stash. 

Here is my take on the pin the tail on the donkey game - it's pin the clown on cella! Cella is going through a little phase, or maybe it's not a phase, but anyways she doesn't want to be in the spotlight. She told me later, that next time we should do pin the tail on the elephant because she didn't want her friends pinning stuff on her face. Haha! It's actually a good idea, I never even thought about an elephant but it definitely would have tied into our theme. Oh well! 

We had lots of fun at the party and then stayed up late chatting on the patio with great
 friends, I'd say the day was a success! 

My sweet girl after her birthday party - tired and happy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nursery Progress: Part 3

Are you sick of this nursery yet? I sure hope not, because it's taking me forever to make decisions and get it done!  Here is a little sneak peek of the latest .......It's not quite finished, but I'm putting together a little something to hang above the crib......

Not sure if the fringe is staying or going, and I might add baby girl's name to it as well. We'll see how it takes shape, it's just been a matter of trial and error and me playing around a bit. 

 I can't wait to finish up the whole room and share it with you! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bug & Bell ~ sewing for the boys

Just popping in to show some fun items that I'm working on for boys on this rainy day. Hoping to finish up and ship them out this afternoon!

Giraffes and Sailboats for the summer!

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