Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nursery Progress: Part 2

Well, I made a little progress on the nursery this weekend, so I'll just give a quick update: 

First, I made a painting to go above the changing table....I was inspired by this image that my friend Emily pinned on Pinterest. I just love the pinks in the background and felt that this room needed some pink accents! 

I haven't hung it up yet, but we'll get to that...Sometimes I like to place the artwork in different locations and walk by it a few times before making a final decision. I'm still leaning towards hanging it above the changing table, because I've ordered a few prints for other spots in the room. 

Check them out: 

First up - this mini-print from GrittyCityGoods on Etsy - how cute is this little guy?! I just love him and can't wait for him to arrive!

Next, I ordered the feather print from a recent post about nursery artwork. It's from the etsy shop, Snoogs & Wilde. I'm thinking of hanging it above the daybed.....

And then last, I found these adorable little owl hooks at Hobby Lobby for half-off! Not really sure where they are going yet, but they were too cute to pass up. 

I'm excited to see everything coming together, but I have to admit I've stalled a little on the bedding..........ugh...I really don't enjoy making a crib I'm hoping to get it done before the baby comes, but I'm not too inspired. :)

Well, that's all for now! 


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