Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nursery Artwork: Thinking Pink

I've been pondering what artwork to either purchase or make for the new baby's nursery......I'm pretty settled on the fact that I need to bring a little more pink into the space. I absolutely love what we have going on right now with the aqua blue/green/black & white color scheme, but I need to 'girl' it up a little bit! Here are some options that could really look great in the room especially on the wall with the bird wallpaper. 

Nursery Artwork

1. Paule Marrot Feathers Artwork
2. Feather print from Snoogs and Wilde
3. Lys by Aurelie Alvarez
4. Flamingo Art Print from Calamari Studio
5. Single Ladies by United Thread
6. Pink Flamingo Photo from Apples and Oats
7. Not sure of this source - it was pinned from
8. Feather Art from Snoogs and Wilde

I didn't intend on a bird theme for this room, as I typically don't care for themed rooms of any kind. It just happens that a lot of the pink art that I saw had flamingos...... I won't be using all of the art above, so I don't think it will become the 'bird room' when I'm finished - at least I hope not! 

Just to give you an idea of the rest of the room, here is the nursery idea board I did a few months ago for this post:

Baby Girl Nursery

We've already hung the bird wallpaper, and I'm loving it so much! 

And the green changing table is the same one we had in E & C's nursery, so we are just re-using it. The crib is the one we've always had too, and I'm making progress on the bedding. I made the crib skirt out of pale pink linen with the most awesome trim ever - here is a not-so-good phone photo of the fabrics together: 

I just need to get to work on the bumper and then I'll be finished with the bedding! Hooray for progress! 

So.........mostly all that's left to do is add artwork and little things here and there.  Which I'm not stressing about because the baby won't even sleep in her own room for a while. (Gotta keep my precious nugget right next to me for a little bit! :) )

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