Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mini Make-over: The Living Room Mantel

Hi there, friends! Since the weather is beginning to feel more Spring-like, I've been itching to re-arrange or freshen up nearly every room in the house. I'm trying to force myself not to over-do it, so I thought I could start with little mini-makeovers ~ These don't require any heavy lifting or very much moolah! Here is what my mantel has looked like for at least a year or so: 


Not the greatest photo, I know! But this is when I'd just started this blog and was learning a few things (I still am). So, pretty simple and not too cluttered. During Christmastime, I moved the yellow paintings and the gold sunburst and hung them somewhere else, so I didn't have those to put back above the mantel. 

And since I wanted a little change-up anyways, I gathered a few other items from around the house and enlisted the help of my fam (John hung up the artwork, and we all trekked over to the nearest Bradford pear tree to cut off a few branches for our fancy floral arrangement).  The artwork is a watercolor by none other than my big girl, and she is quite proud to have it displayed in such a place of honor.  I was really looking for a landscape painting to go in that spot, but I haven't found one that I like that is in my price-range yet (so for now, will go with a 2 yr old's watercolor! I know I'm very sophisticated ;) ). Most of the glassware has been giving to me over time, but the 2 large vases are from the clearance section from Target. They give some much-needed height to the display and are large enough to hold branches, which is one of my favorite things to use as decoration.   


I don't think the whole living room is quite ready for a big-reveal, but I will show you the gorgeous new sofa pillows that I got for Christmas ~ The aqua blue on the mantel ties in with the pillows and makes the living room so cheerful!  

 The floral pillows are from Caitlin Wilson's collection, her pillows and textiles are just gorgeous and I wish I could have one of everything! The green trellis pillows are from ElemenOPillows on Etsy, a great shop with lots of different colors & patterns to choose from and very reasonable prices.  


  1. This is GORGEOUS. I love it! You are crazy talented! Great job! Just beautiful!


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