Sunday, March 31, 2013

New dress for an (almost) 5 year old

My sweet girl will turning 5 soon, and I seriously can't believe it. She wants to have a circus party this year, which should be lots of fun....we've made plans for a 'ring of fire', a pinata, a photo booth and lots of other backyard fun. (I'm hoping I can pull it off since I'll be almost 9 months pregnant!) I thought a new dress for her party might be fun, and since she was on board with the idea, a 'Circus Clown' dress was made.

 I used the Brownie Goose 'Betsy' Pattern for the dress and just made a few adjustments ~ (shortened the sleeves and added the apron and clown applique).  The clown is not showing up too well in the photos above, so here is a close - up shot of the apron: 

And how 'bout just one more photo of my sweet girl? Why does she have to be so big?!

I'll be sure to post pictures after the party too! 

P.S. The backdrop for these photos is the new wallpaper in the nursery - I know I've said this a million times, but I just love it!


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