Monday, February 11, 2013

Nursery Progress

We made a little progress on the nursery this weekend! The Grandparents kept our girls Saturday night, which meant we got to go see a movie (hooray!)......and the next morning we were able to hang the wallpaper in the nursery. It wasn't our first choice of things to do, but it needed to get done and we took advantage of the kids being away.

I snapped a photo with my phone and thought I'd share. I am loving it ~ It is so pretty! I got the wallpaper from Anthropologie on sale, and the description states "Surestrip backing allows for paste free application and easy removal". So in my brain that meant easy-peasy peel and stick application.....well, just so you know that is not really the case. The paste is already on the back, you have to submerge it in water to activate the it's still kind of messy and definitely a 2 person job.  But overall, it was fairly easy, and we were only doing one wall. 

Also, I think I've settled on the bedding and I'm kind of excited......The floral is going to be used in small doses, maybe the ties and a ruffle at the top of the bumper. And the pale pink linen and awesome bohemian trim will be used on the crib skirt. Oh how I love that trim!! I still haven't decided what the main part of the bumper will be.....the same linen or something else......not sure yet. I'll keep you posted!



  1. your nursery looks like it is going to be gorgeous! cant wait to see end result! stop by ans say hello sometime, follow if you like! I'm following you now :)

    1. thank you emma ~ i am heading over to your blog now! :)


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