Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts on the Nursery.....

I'm working on sweet baby #3's nursery right now. Even though I have all the basic pieces for the room (crib, changing table, daybed, rocker, etc.), I'm trying to mix it up and make it new for this little one. We have a Jenny Lind crib, which I love everything about except that it's black. I wish it was white, but I just don't want to force my husband to paint it right now because it would be a serious pain in the rump. For a while I was stumped at how to incorporate the black crib into the room in a way that made me happy and didn't drive me insane everytime I looked at it......but I think I finally have an idea! And I'm excited about it! I've decided to embrace the black and incorporate it into other areas of the room.

Baby Girl Nursery

It is just a rough idea right now,  I'm sure other items will be added in the process. I've bitten the bullet and  ordered the wallpaper (and it was on sale!). Now I'm hoping that it's easy to put up, it's supposed to be the kind that doesn't require glue ~ so fingers crossed!

For the bedding, I'm thinking I will make a bumper out of the floral fabric shown above and then choose a couple of coordinating fabrics for the inside of the bumper and the ties. And I'll probably make a linen crib skirt.....I've ordered the fabric, so now I'm just waiting on it to come in so I can see if the background color is white or ivory. 

I also scored some cute bedding for the daybed for $15.00 - 2 shams and a comforter! I couldn't believe the price. Too bad I can never go back to the consignment store where I found it.............Without going in to all the horrific details of why we can't go back....I'll just say my 2 year old is currently potty training and we had a HORRIBLE incident in the bathroom that required me to throw away her panties and pants (all you moms know exactly what I'm talking about) . But the kicker was, there was no trash bag in the trash can, no paper towels, and about 15 squares left on the toilet paper roll........needless to say I was sweating profusely by the time we left the store. And we can never go back.

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