Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Day Craft

Today has just been one of those days....this is our 9th day of rain (so says the weatherman) and my children need some fresh air. They are restless and unusually disobedient and are quite honestly driving me insane. (For the record, I think I'm driving them insane too.) I just put them to bed and so wish I could have a LARGE glass of wine (or maybe just hard liquor) but alas I'm preggers. 

If it's raining my girls are always up for a craft. Most of the time I just have to wing it because I don't do too much planning in advance when it comes to we made masks out of paper plates and the girls were really into it. Especially my 4 year old. My 2 year old mostly just painted the plates until they fell apart.....I threw them in the trash afterwards, but who cares?! It occupied her for much longer than expected! And luckily her big sis let her borrow one.

Does anyone out there have any good rainy day ideas? If so, please share with us - we are desperate!


P.S. And why is it as soon as those stinkers fall asleep I fall right back in love with them and forget all the horrors they put me through during the day?

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