Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts on the Nursery.....

I'm working on sweet baby #3's nursery right now. Even though I have all the basic pieces for the room (crib, changing table, daybed, rocker, etc.), I'm trying to mix it up and make it new for this little one. We have a Jenny Lind crib, which I love everything about except that it's black. I wish it was white, but I just don't want to force my husband to paint it right now because it would be a serious pain in the rump. For a while I was stumped at how to incorporate the black crib into the room in a way that made me happy and didn't drive me insane everytime I looked at it......but I think I finally have an idea! And I'm excited about it! I've decided to embrace the black and incorporate it into other areas of the room.

Baby Girl Nursery

It is just a rough idea right now,  I'm sure other items will be added in the process. I've bitten the bullet and  ordered the wallpaper (and it was on sale!). Now I'm hoping that it's easy to put up, it's supposed to be the kind that doesn't require glue ~ so fingers crossed!

For the bedding, I'm thinking I will make a bumper out of the floral fabric shown above and then choose a couple of coordinating fabrics for the inside of the bumper and the ties. And I'll probably make a linen crib skirt.....I've ordered the fabric, so now I'm just waiting on it to come in so I can see if the background color is white or ivory. 

I also scored some cute bedding for the daybed for $15.00 - 2 shams and a comforter! I couldn't believe the price. Too bad I can never go back to the consignment store where I found it.............Without going in to all the horrific details of why we can't go back....I'll just say my 2 year old is currently potty training and we had a HORRIBLE incident in the bathroom that required me to throw away her panties and pants (all you moms know exactly what I'm talking about) . But the kicker was, there was no trash bag in the trash can, no paper towels, and about 15 squares left on the toilet paper roll........needless to say I was sweating profusely by the time we left the store. And we can never go back.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Shared Room for My Girls

Over the last few months, we've been transitioning our 2 year old into her older sister's room. It's gone pretty well......we still have the occasional craziness trying to get them to bed at night, but what can you expect when a 2yr old and 4 yr old get together? Some nights it's frustrating and other nights it is hilarious, for instance the other night we watched them on the monitor as they stood at the ends of their beds (stages, of course) and belted out 'This Girl is on Fiyaaahhhhhhh!". We got so tickled and its times like those when I know we did the right thing putting them in the same room. I love to see them making memories and growing their sisterly bond, it is so sweet.

Another fun part about them sharing a room, is I got to do a little re-decorating!! 
I tried to take some photos this morning because the room was actually clean and wouldn't you know my dang camera would not cooperate. So some of these photos are from my camera and some are from the trusty ole phone. 

 We found beds that were similar in size but a little different in design and painted them a light aqua blue. I love the fact that they don't match exactly! The cloud mobiles are from my Bug & Bell line and I made the silhouettes - one for each of my girls . The bedding is from Serena & Lily. I love the silver nightstand, one of my interior designer friends gave it to me last time I visited her in Houston (how awesome is that?!). I believe it's from Arteriors.

 On the wall directly across from the beds I put a small bookshelf and a dresser (my great-grandmother's old dresser - repainted), and pinned up gigantic black and white photos of my little taters. I got them printed on regular paper at FedEx/Kinko's and it was so cheap! The floral suitcase holds all of their baby-doll clothes. And I made the bunting with scrap fabric from my sewing room. 

Since the lens on my camera decided not to cooperate, the only way I could get photos of the whole room was to use my phone.....so here is one side:

And here the other...

Here you can see the bookcase and the chair that I slip covered a few weeks ago..here is the post on that. I was really stumped on what to put above the chair, I didn't want it to compete with the black and white photos. But it looked really bare, so I hung a few prints and some of Cella's artwork.

I wish I could just do a total transformation in a week, but budget and time and 2 girlies will not allow that. So I spend weeks/months pondering design ideas, hunting for the perfect pieces (for a bargain of course) and carving out little bits of time to get things done when the girls are at school or a grandparent's house. I also enlist the help of my hubby to fix things, paint things, move things, etc..... he is very handy like that. :)

So for now, it's done and I'm happy with it. The girls love it too, so I think it's time to move on to the Nursery!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Day Craft

Today has just been one of those days....this is our 9th day of rain (so says the weatherman) and my children need some fresh air. They are restless and unusually disobedient and are quite honestly driving me insane. (For the record, I think I'm driving them insane too.) I just put them to bed and so wish I could have a LARGE glass of wine (or maybe just hard liquor) but alas I'm preggers. 

If it's raining my girls are always up for a craft. Most of the time I just have to wing it because I don't do too much planning in advance when it comes to crafts....so we made masks out of paper plates and the girls were really into it. Especially my 4 year old. My 2 year old mostly just painted the plates until they fell apart.....I threw them in the trash afterwards, but who cares?! It occupied her for much longer than expected! And luckily her big sis let her borrow one.

Does anyone out there have any good rainy day ideas? If so, please share with us - we are desperate!


P.S. And why is it as soon as those stinkers fall asleep I fall right back in love with them and forget all the horrors they put me through during the day?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Gear from Bug & Bell

For the boys.....

And for the girlies.....

Do you guys like Valentine's Day? I never did like it, but I have to admit it's more fun with kids and I think I might finally be getting into the spirit! 

(Shirts can be found here.)

P.S. I'm hoping to photograph and do a post on my girl's room over the weekend. They are spending the night with their grandmother so I feel like this might be the perfect time....I can clean it up and take pictures before they have a chance to reek havoc like they tend to do. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Prairie Girl Dresses

I finished up a couple of dresses this week and thought I'd share......

If you have a little darling that needs one of these dresses, you can go here to purchase.  :)

Thanks y'all and Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slipcover for a child's chair

Whew! Just finished up a slipcover for the chair in my girls' room in time to go pick my child up from mother's morning out.... it's not perfect, but it'll do!

 Here is is what I started with....sorry for the horrible photo, I took it with my phone.


The old cover had a hole in the seat, so I removed it then traced all the elements of the chair with a sharpie and banner paper. After I traced each piece, I added seam allowances and cut them out of the banner paper. Then I cut them out of the fabric (I used a window panel from Target that matched the girls curtain's in their room). As you can see from the chaos above, I was straight up winging it. I've never done a slipcover before, but it wasn't too bad. Kind of like putting a puzzle together. After sewing all the pieces together, the girl's have a 'new' chair!

Now, we'll see how long this one holds up. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! I am excited for 2013, it's going to be a great year for our family since we are welcoming another little one in the spring.  We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, and are so lucky to have such a tight knit family. The girls always love to see there Aunts, Uncles, and cousins from out of town and the time seems to fly by when we're having so much fun!

We have lots of projects planned for the house and of course I'll share them all with you as we complete each one. And I'm already getting back to sewing for Bug &  Bell, so stay tuned.........

Thank y'all for the love and support this year and here's hoping you all have a wonderful 2013!!

P.S. I'm having a sale in my Bug & Bell etsy shop ~ Use the code NEWYEARSHOP for 25% everything! Sale lasts until January 5th, so hop to it if your interested. 

(the Market St. Dress)

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