Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What we've been doing this summer

**Warning: Personal Post**

This summer is just flying by way too fast. We've been traveling for most of June ~ first to Memphis, then to the beach (twice) and then the mountains. 

Here is what we've been doing instead of writing blog posts. 

~Picking lots of goodness from the garden~

~Going to the zoo and celebrating birthdays with cousins in Memphis~

~Playing in the water as much as possible (p.s Cella learned how to swim this summer - hooray! - and she would want me to put emphasis on the fact that she can dive down to the bottom and get the rings.)~

 ~Learning how to play pool~

~Digging in the new sandbox that Papaw made  us~

~More swimming~

~And lots and lots of dress-up~

I'm working on a few projects (along with sewing my fanny off for Bug & Bell), and I'm really excited to share them all with you in the next few weeks! 

Here's whats going on:

-2 Guest bedrooms in my mom's house
-My sister's living room
-My own living room
-My bedroom
-My girls' room

..............so don't think I've stopped posting about interior design, I'm just busy making progress and sometimes progress is slow going with children and life! I want to enjoy this summer and soak it in because my big girl starts school in August :( 

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