Monday, July 16, 2012

Powder Room Inspiration Board

I've been stuck on a photo from a past Anthropologie catalog, I can't seem to get the color out of my head and am convinced that it would look amazing and quite dramatic in my small powder room. 

{Photo Source: Eliza Magazine via Eastman Images}

We have walls that have a lot of texture in the powder room, and I would like to achieve the mottled look shown in the catalog, so I'm thinking I'll probably choose 3 paint colors and just blend them to my liking on the wall.

As you can tell by now, I'm drawn to greens and blues, something about fresh, nature inspired colors just make me happy! So why fight it any longer, I'm thinking I may have a new project on my hands and it might look something like this..........(this green is a little off, but it gives you the idea).....

Powder Room

I'm also kind of loving the slightly dark / Victorian feel of this concept.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress. :)



  1. i think it will be great! i picked out a green color very similar to this for Nicholas's smaller bathroom, which had black and white octagon tile like you have shown, and white subway tile on the part of the wall and think it turned out great! the accents you have going on will make it really soft and warm!

    1. thanks emily! i'm thinking i will love it - might not be for everyone, but it is my house after all! the shell mirror could lean toward the tacky side, but for some reason i think this bathroom could pull it off...we'll see. i might try to make it myself.


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