Friday, June 15, 2012

Thinking about a Shared Room for my Girls....

I'm thinking these days of moving my little one into her big sister's room when she moves out of her crib. I'm not sure how it will play out, but I do think it's character building and comforting to share a room with a sibling so I want to at least try it. The past few weeks I've been focused completely on Bug & Bell, with ideas swimming in the background about this shared bedroom. The room that they would be in is currently gray, I can't decide if I want to keep it that color or paint......I really don't want to repaint....but Cella is adamant about having a pink room. 

Here are two Options that I've been playing around with:

cella and edie 2

In this option we would use Cella's current bed (it looks similar to the one above) and try to find a similar one for Edie. The room will be tight so I was thinking of using chairs as nightstands, basically just a place to stack books for bedtime reading. Then we would keep Cella's bedding, which is the pink diamond quilt from Serena & Lily and maybe just add some other pillows to jazz it up. The curtains would be made out of a white and coral pattern fabric. So the overall color scheme for this room would be Mint Green, Pink, Gray, and Coral. I'd also like to do a large collage of over sized black and white photos of the girls over their dresser, for some added drama. 

cella and edie

For option 2, we would paint the walls pink and possibly wallpaper the wall that the beds are on with the paper shown above. (This idea makes me tired just thinking about all the work, although it would be very cute.) We would still use the same bedding as above, but use yellow and coral accents instead of gray. I found the letter signs on Etsy and I think it would be so cute to have C & E above their beds (I will probably do this in both options). While I love this Aqua, Pink, Coral, and Yellow color scheme, I'm kind of leaning toward #1 because I feel like this might be too much pink in the long run...........

What do you guys think? Which option do you like best?
I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. hmm wallpaper is a lot of work and if they decide they don't like it later, even more work to remove. you could always make a pink accent wall and use one of those giant wall stencils? i really love those birch stenciled accent walls floating around.

    and if you want oversized, black and white photos with drama, here's a really good tutorial:

    1. Michelle, I know! Wallpaper is alot of work and a big commitment too.....and i tend to be rather fickle sometimes. Thanks for the link to the large photo, that's exactly what I'm thinking! Their room has a large built in cork board that spans one (short) wall and I'm going to use the idea that you linked but just cover the whole cork board.....I don't know if that makes sense! ;) thanks for your advice and ideas!


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