Monday, June 11, 2012

A few fun gifts to celebrate fathers.

Father's day is coming up and while I was perusing Etsy today, I saw a few cool gift and card ideas that I'd like to share with you. I've seen Father's Day gift guides on other blogs over the years, and while they do have cool ideas, I always feel like they appeal more to me than to my husband. I mean for instance, my husband is not going to appreciate blue striped lavender sachets....he would probably ask me what the hell is a sachet, if I presented one to him on Father's Day. 
These are things that I think would be more up his alley (except the guitar picks, he doesn't play the guitar, but they would be pretty cool for someone who did!).

The best (non cheesy) Father's Day shirt I've ever come across. Better than your standard Father's Day mug, if you ask me. 

Any Dad who likes to jam would be stoked to get this little beauty.

For the musically inclined father.

A little bit of card art for a man who likes the outdoors.

How funny is this card....and so true too! A good Father is the Sh*t! 

Nothing on this list is extravagant, just a few fun ways to tell the Daddy in your life that you appreciate him! 

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