Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elephants on Parade

This little top was inspired by the round-up of hand painted clothing & accessories that I posted yesterday. I  collected most of those images on Pinterest over the past year, and seeing those beautiful items just opened my brain up to the idea that I could make my own fabric patterns. I don't know why I hadn't really thought of it before, but there are many times that I go to the fabric store and can't find what I'm seeing in my head. Well, now I know that I can just create my own patterns and it feels rather freeing! 
Here is my first attempt....the Elephants on Parade Top! I made my own elephant stencil and then used gold glitter fabric paint to stencil the elephants. In the future I'll probably use a stamp instead of a stencil, but hey, you live and learn. 

{P.S. the Elephants on Parade Top is available on the Bug & Bell Etsy shop.}

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