Monday, April 23, 2012

Bug & Bell at Livingston Farmer's Market

Happy Monday everyone!

I wanted to share some news with y'all today and let you know why I haven't been blogging as much as intended. As I mentioned before it's birthday month in our family and on top of that a wave of sickness has swept through our house and will not let up. I think we're on the mend now and hope to get back into the swing of things, but also I want to share some news with you. 

My new little venture 'Bug & Bell' has been selected as a vendor at the Livingston Farmers Market - a local farmer's market that features fresh locally grown produce, chefs, MS craftsmen, live music, hot food & children’s activities. It will be every Thursday evening from 4-8 pm, May 17th - October 4th and I will have a booth there on May 17th (the grand opening). If you are in the Jackson, MS area please come see us, it's bound to be a fun time!  

As excited as I am, I'm also anxious - my head is just spinning with ideas, lists that need to be made, and things that need to be done. I may be absent from the blog for just a little longer as I try to make and sew in all of my spare time. I'll be posting photos here and there of sneak peeks, and if you see anything  you like, just know that after the farmer's market I'll be selling everything in my etsy shop. 

I snapped these with my phone today......

Bears and Birds and Foxes! Yay!

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