Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday weekends are the most fun.

My birthday was on Sunday, and my firstborn's birthday party was on Saturday (although her real birthday was Monday). I woke up on Friday with a sinus infection so I wasn't completely up to snuff the whole weekend, but that didn't stop us from celebrating this beautiful baby girl's special day with an "art" party. 

I made the invitation in photoshop because the only art party invitations I could find online were just too "themed" for me. (it was my first time to use photoshop and I am fully aware that I'm a total amateur!) 

The kids had a great time painting. We hung banner paper and cups filled with paint on the fence in the backyard, and used men's button down shirts as art smocks.

A little sass from the birthday girl! She gave me crazy faces and poses all day every time I would try to get a picture.  She also made the sign above - it says "Art Smocks". 

The rainbow cake after we started serving. I'm a little bummed about this being the only photo I got of the cake, but it is hard to be present and take photos of the birthday party too. And I would rather be present in the moment - I mean my girl only turns 4 once! I made the cream cheese frosting (my fave) and used skittles and miniature flags to jazz it up a little. 
(If you want to know how to make a rainbow cake just google it and lots of ideas will come up - it is very easy!)

I get a little teary thinking about how lucky I am to have my family and how it was not too long ago that we welcomed her into the world in Florida, just me and her daddy (we were joined by the grandparents a few hours later).  She is her own spirit, so creative and joyful. I hope she stays this way for ever. 

Happy 4th birthday sweet girl! I love being your mama!

 P.S. the morning after jump in pajamas might have been the most fun of all! crazy girlies!

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