Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery {Sneak Peak}

My younger sister is having a baby boy in a few weeks and we've been busy designing a nursery for his arrival. Today we hung everything on the walls...and by "we" I mean me. My sister's already had one fall that landed her in the hospital for a week (and nearly scared us to death), so she sure didn't need to be up on the ladder! It's really coming along and oh my gosh is it cute! When we are completely finished, I'll share photos of the whole room, but for now here are a few details:

Some of the photos don't show the paint color accurately. It's really a mint green and is best shown in the bottom photo (the one with the elephant head). Oh and that elephant head is my pride and joy, we stalked that thing for weeks and finally got the saleswoman at Anthropologie to give us a discount! 

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  1. Love it.

    Got your comment on my blog... thanks! I think I was in the class a year behind you at State...

    Off to check out more of your blog now!


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