Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet Bar Makeover

Our house was built in 1976, or maybe 1973....I can't remember but either way it was built in the 70s, when wet bars were all the rage. I think most men probably love wet bars as much as my husband. It was the first thing he commented on when we toured the house was so hideous; with mirrors, forest green laminate, brown cabinets, and newspaper themed wallpaper it was a sight to behold. But of course he thought it was awesome just to have one. Since it's in our living room, separated only by a pair of bi-fold doors (that mostly stay open) I had to take action.

 Here is the wet bar before (what a beauty!)

 (close ups of the ugly wallpaper and laminate!)

And here it is now, after a few days of peeling, painting, and styling!


I painted the cabinets and the walls white (the same color as the trim) and painted the laminate aqua blue. I left the original hardware on the cabinets, the contrast is nice and I'm a fan of brass hardware. Adding tile to  the walls would have been my first choice, but alas it was not in the budget so I cut out a stencil and used metallic white paint to create a pattern on the walls (kind of a fish scale or scallop type pattern). The shimmer of the metallic paint adds a little drama and reflects light in the small space. It seems much brighter and bigger now.  

I'm thrilled with the results and now I won't be embarassed to have the doors open when guests come over! 


  1. This is AMAZING!! It's so sheik I love it! Really nice job.

  2. This is gorgeous!! How do you paint laminate? We have some God awful stuff in our house and i didn't know it was as easy as PAINTING it!! Please tell me! What do you use? Is it food safe, etc?? Oh, maybe better to email me at One day, many years from now, when we have money to put into a house, Im going to come set an apt and let you design it for me!! You are so creative and I LOVE everything you do!!


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