Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Love Love

Love is all you need...

 We had a nice little Valentine's celebration last night at home with the girls, the best kind of celebration if you ask me.  The menu included cheese and chocolate fondue, which was fun and easy to prepare. We made  decorations to surprise John when he got home, Cella taped up the hearts while I went a little crazy with pink tissue paper. 
{tissue paper garland}

 {tissue paper fringe ~ chair decorations}

 {even taped some fringe to the bottom of the light fixture}

 This lucky guy will never have to worry about spending a Valentine's Day alone...... he has 2 baby girls and 1 big girl who absolutely adore him.

(Note: Edie still gives open mouth kisses, so you have to be prepared for anything! Also, I realized that we're going to have to train Cella to take pictures because John and I are never in the same photos! )

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  1. You are so sweet to do a valentines dinner like that! Bet the girls loved it. Poor B got a card and a "hey will you glue that dining room chair back together so I can recover it?" HAHAHA

    we did have a "date" Saturday night. I didn't want to be out last night.


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