Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before and After: Armoire

This little project is from a long time ago, before I had a blog, so I kind of forgot about it until now. This last week I've been working on re-doing the wet bar in our living room (it was so hideous - i'll be posting about it soon!), so while I wait for the paint to dry I thought I would share our armoire makeover. 

When we moved into our house my in-laws gave us their old armoire. It was just your basic brown wood armoire and still in very good shape, this is what it looked like....
(This is the only photo I could find, and yes we are still rocking the old school television in our bedroom.)



 I taped off and painted a white circle in the center of the armoire as a way to highlight the cabinet pulls. They are really beautiful, but you couldn't even see them before because the wood was very dark. Armoires are one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I know they're not needed for televisions as much these days due to flat panels, but they are so beautiful and versatile. Great for storing anything - toys, linens and blankets, art supplies.... I think we'll keep this one around for a while and just move it from room to room! Although it is so heavy, my husband will not aprreciate that!! Heehee.

If you have an old armoire that needs a make over, here are some ideas from a post a did a while back called 'Sprucing up and old Armoire'.

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