Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet Bar Makeover

Our house was built in 1976, or maybe 1973....I can't remember but either way it was built in the 70s, when wet bars were all the rage. I think most men probably love wet bars as much as my husband. It was the first thing he commented on when we toured the house was so hideous; with mirrors, forest green laminate, brown cabinets, and newspaper themed wallpaper it was a sight to behold. But of course he thought it was awesome just to have one. Since it's in our living room, separated only by a pair of bi-fold doors (that mostly stay open) I had to take action.

 Here is the wet bar before (what a beauty!)

 (close ups of the ugly wallpaper and laminate!)

And here it is now, after a few days of peeling, painting, and styling!


I painted the cabinets and the walls white (the same color as the trim) and painted the laminate aqua blue. I left the original hardware on the cabinets, the contrast is nice and I'm a fan of brass hardware. Adding tile to  the walls would have been my first choice, but alas it was not in the budget so I cut out a stencil and used metallic white paint to create a pattern on the walls (kind of a fish scale or scallop type pattern). The shimmer of the metallic paint adds a little drama and reflects light in the small space. It seems much brighter and bigger now.  

I'm thrilled with the results and now I won't be embarassed to have the doors open when guests come over! 

Before and After: Armoire

This little project is from a long time ago, before I had a blog, so I kind of forgot about it until now. This last week I've been working on re-doing the wet bar in our living room (it was so hideous - i'll be posting about it soon!), so while I wait for the paint to dry I thought I would share our armoire makeover. 

When we moved into our house my in-laws gave us their old armoire. It was just your basic brown wood armoire and still in very good shape, this is what it looked like....
(This is the only photo I could find, and yes we are still rocking the old school television in our bedroom.)



 I taped off and painted a white circle in the center of the armoire as a way to highlight the cabinet pulls. They are really beautiful, but you couldn't even see them before because the wood was very dark. Armoires are one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I know they're not needed for televisions as much these days due to flat panels, but they are so beautiful and versatile. Great for storing anything - toys, linens and blankets, art supplies.... I think we'll keep this one around for a while and just move it from room to room! Although it is so heavy, my husband will not aprreciate that!! Heehee.

If you have an old armoire that needs a make over, here are some ideas from a post a did a while back called 'Sprucing up and old Armoire'.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pom Pom Purse

Sometimes a mama has to take a break from her long list of projects and make a special request for a little girl who is trying so hard to be grown.

Cella helped me pick out the fabric and of course the pom pom trim! So sassy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Color Block Sweater

My closet is out of control.....there are so many things that never get worn. 
Instead of throwing it all out, I'm trying to think of ways to refashion some items into clothes I will actually wear.  I pulled these two sweaters out the other day, they are from Old Navy about 4 years ago.

 They are not too bad.......I like the colors, but I dislike the fit - too short and too wide equals not flattering on my figure. So after about an hour of chopping and sewing..... I came out with this: 

A new color block sweater! Not too bad  for an hour's work......and now instead of 2 ill-fitting / boring sweaters, I have a cute new sweater that is plenty long and a little more interesting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Love Love

Love is all you need...

 We had a nice little Valentine's celebration last night at home with the girls, the best kind of celebration if you ask me.  The menu included cheese and chocolate fondue, which was fun and easy to prepare. We made  decorations to surprise John when he got home, Cella taped up the hearts while I went a little crazy with pink tissue paper. 
{tissue paper garland}

 {tissue paper fringe ~ chair decorations}

 {even taped some fringe to the bottom of the light fixture}

 This lucky guy will never have to worry about spending a Valentine's Day alone...... he has 2 baby girls and 1 big girl who absolutely adore him.

(Note: Edie still gives open mouth kisses, so you have to be prepared for anything! Also, I realized that we're going to have to train Cella to take pictures because John and I are never in the same photos! )

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Prepster Bows

I live in the deep south. Everyone here puts their little girls in the biggest bows you've ever seen in your life. I'm not knocking them, my daughters wear them too. But sometimes I think we need to mix it up a bit, so I made these adorable little bows out of felt. Still so cute and classic, with a touch of prepster! 

I just added some to the In Bloom Etsy Shop, and I plan to add more (on glitter headbands!!) later on in the day.

{ My girl wearing the big (left) and the small (right) felt bows. }

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainy Day Mobile

It's been a while folks...sorry about the brief posting hiatus in January. I guess I just needed to take a little break from making and sewing after the big holiday rush. But now I'm back with ideas overflowing! 

I made this sweet mobile yesterday as a gift for a baby shower. Girl, of course. It's been raining here for what feels like a whole week, so this rainy day mobile is pretty fitting! 

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