Friday, January 6, 2012

Putting a little sass in my step.

Last night we went to the Lt. Governor's inauguration ball which called for me to actually get dressed and wear make-up. I don't get out on the town very often these days (although I do love a party or fun occasion!), and I didn't want to drop alot of cash on an outfit that would only be worn for one night. So I wore my bridesmaids dress from my sister's wedding and thought I'd jazz up some black heels by making a pair of shoe clips! I've seen some stores on etsy that sell them for about $30 bucks a pair, so I decided to bust out the hot glue gun and give it a try myself.  For the materials ~ I had some leftover Christmas glitter ribbon and feathers from this dove headband (made for the Christmas pageant).

So fun and festive!! 

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