Monday, January 23, 2012

A few new chairs and some random thoughts.

It's weird how I feel such a lack of motivation in happens every year. December is jam packed with making presents, putting up decorations, and doing all the fun holiday stuff that by the time January rolls around, I'm spent. And even though I have so many projects floating around in my noggin, I can't seem to get motivated. Which is why I haven't posted much this month. However, I think this week is the turning point. I just made a batch of  In Bloom headbands and barrettes, dropped them off at a store here in Jackson (Nursery Rymes in Highland Village, if you're local and curious) and I'm hoping to update my etsy shop soon.
Here's a peek.


Also, I've been playing outside with the girls and practicing my photography skills with the new camera lens I got for Christmas. Check out my cool dude!


 And the I other day while treasure hunting with my husband, sister, and baby girl, we found chairs that I've been looking for, forever. Yay! Check'em out -  I'm so excited! They were marked WAY down so we couldn't pass them up. 

Two Bentwood chairs (circa 1900 from Finland)
only $19 bucks each. I love the mint green.
4 Bentwood chairs (with arms!)
$39 bucks each.

 One of the green chairs will go to my sewing room and one to our desk in the living room. Although I can visualize them in many different situations - as nightstands in the girls' rooms, or as extra chairs in the dining room on either side of the buffet. The 4 armchairs will end up in the dining room after getting a coat of white spray paint. 

Sorry for the rambling post, I just haven't talked to y'all in so long and I wanted to let you know that pretty soon I'll be back to my regular old self!

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