Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fabric Scrap Bow {a.k.a. easiest bow ever}

Hi Guys! I just wanted to share this little idea that came to me this weekend while wrapping presents with my side-kick. These days I'm not able to spend tons of time making sure every present looks perfect like I did in the days before children. Because we all know those little hands will get into the presents long before Christmas day and by the time it finally rolls around most presents will be delivered to family with rips and tears, bad tape jobs, and looking just plain pitiful. So on that note, I came up with the easiest bow ever. It does require you have  fabric scraps lying around the house........but if you don't have those you could maybe use scraps of wrapping paper?

Anyways here is the idea:
And here's how to make it:
1. stack your fabric scraps

2. lay a thin piece of fabric over your stack

3. tie a knot on back side of stack

4. turn it over and fluff!

Now just tape it onto your present and your done! So easy!

P.S. Here's a photo of my side-kick's expert wrapping skills....Love it! 

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