Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scored: A perfect dress-up trunk!

The other day my mother-in-law called to see if I wanted to go check out a European antiques furniture sale in a warehouse in Fondren. And of course I couldn't say no to a treasure hunt!!! We were really scouting a table and chairs for her kitchen, which we found, but we also found this beauty. 


I feel like I say this in every post, but I'm in love! I've wanted a trunk to store my girls' dress up clothes in for a while, and this piece was just calling my name. I mean seriously, could it go more perfectly with the new dining room color scheme?! (Although it probably won't stay in the dining room, it'll most likely move to the playroom or Cella's room). The exterior is a gorgeous green metal finish. I've never seen a trunk like this..........so if anyone out there knows anything about it, I'd love to hear from you. We'll probably add some type of safety hinge on the inside to keep from snapping any little fingers, but oh my gosh isn't it the coolest?

It has so many possibilities......When it grows out of being a dress-up trunk, maybe it could be a coffee table.... 

Also I want to say THANK YOU to my mother in law who foot the bill for this gorgeous find. Thank you Marcella for our new dress up chest -  we love it, it is perfect!!

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  1. I have an old trunk and its one of my favorite treasures. It's full of very important things. I love digging through the goodies after time has passed. Your girls will love it. Good idea on spring hinges. I need to do that.


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