Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Monster Book-Ends

 I made these little bookends a while ago using Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby. They turned out so cute in Edie's room and are perfect for holding up her small board books. 

A word of warning - don't make these if you have roof rats and don't know it!! What started out as 2 separate pairs of bookends - green for Cella's room, yellow for Edie, has now merged into one pair..........due to roof rats eating through the fabric to get the rice!!! Ugh! So disgusting! We saw signs and immediately went to war with the rats, and right now i think we're winning, but I'm serious when I say that what we found in our attic was the most disgusting thing ever. A huge huge nest made of what looked like straw that filled up an entire black hefty bag. (If you want to get an idea of what it looked like google image roof rat nest and get ready.)

I'm sorry, this post started out so innocently and then took a turn for the worst. The next one won't be as gross, promise. For good measure here's a pic of my precious angel baby and her juicy little legs....mmm, i could just squeeze them all day long!


  1. Did you get the plug in things we told you about? I swear they work. And darn Edie is so cute.

  2. jen - we haven't gotten one yet, but might in the future. i think they're gone for the time being...crossing my fingers!!


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