Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interior Design: Mountain House

I've written a few posts about our progress on the McKay mountain house, and finally have a few photos to share. I think houses are a work in progress....treasures added over time make a house feel lived in and homey, so I'm sure we'll continue to add a few things here and there. We were waiting on a few key pieces of furniture to be delivered, and most of them came over the Thanksgiving holiday. I snapped these photos after my mother-in-law and I made a shopping run for a few last minute items. (Also on this shopping run, I discovered that my driver's license says that I weigh 400 pounds! What!? Never noticed it before.)

Not all rooms were photographed since they were disaster areas, courtesy of 2 wild and crazy girls! But here are some of my faves...... 

~Master Bedroom~
I love everything about this room, the duvet cover, the bench, the gorgeous mercury glass lamps,  the awesome driftwood mirror.......I could go on and on. Cella and I went on a walk and collected moss, rocks, and sticks for the arrangement on the dresser. I think it's perfect for a house in the mountains. {The chair in the corner is a substitution from the porch.....the actual one has not come in yet.}

~Downstairs Guest Room~ 
Cutest red beds ever. And check out the mini-rocker that we found at a consignment store, it was definitely a score!

~Living Room~
Such a cozy living room. I love the rustic color palette and the cool tribal pattern on the love seat. The lamp was on sale at Anthropologie, originally $700 and we got it for $168. Seriously, what a steal. I didn't select a coffee table for this room, because we didn't want it to feel overcrowded. It's nice to have an open area for the kids to run around. But if I were to choose a coffee table it would be 2 of these lucite tables from Anthropologie. The the perfect mix of rustic modern! And they're not visually heavy,  but still give a surface to place a drink or prop your feet up. 

~Kitchen & Dining Room~
My mother-in-law has a large collection of McCarty pottery so we used lots of pieces in the kitchen and throughout the house. They seem to be made for a setting like this. She chose the farmhouse sink and the glass / stone back splash, I think she made  excellent choices! The dining room table and chairs are antiques passed down from her mother, but we brought them up to date by having the chairs re-upholstered and both the table and chairs painted to give it a more casual vibe. The huge spherical chandelier is perfect for this space because it doesn't block the gorgeous view of the mountains.

It was great fun getting to work on this house with my mother-in-law, and put some of my interior design skills to work! It really means a lot that she trusted me enough to do this and we had so much fun in the process!


  1. Love the spherical chandelier! I'm obsessed with the driftwood pieces too. I found a big mirror at The Outlet with that all around the edge. I still want that mirror. I'm glad yall had a great trip

  2. thanks jen! we actually got the mirror at the outlet, i wonder if it was the same one?! hope you're not made at me if it was! ;)

  3. thanks taylor, we had fun with it!


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