Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 : A Circus Family

Halloween is such a fun night....getting to be anything you want to be, eating too much candy, and maybe getting scared just a little bit.....I love it!! 

Happy Halloween from the family circus! 
{the acrobat, lion tamer, clown, and baby lion}


Cella's costume was designed around the mask - she picked it out at Target - and I thought well, that could be cool. So I found the pinkest,craziest piece of organza and made the skirt as puffy as I could. With the left over fabric I made a few epaulets for her shoulders, they are attached to hair clips and easily snap onto the leotard. It made me happy to see how much she loved her costume,she was so excited to wear it.


John and Edie were the lion tamer and lion, aren't they a cute pair?! Edie's costume is made out of cut up old t-shirts, an old sweater (for the legwarmers), and a onesie that I dyed yellow. I didn't spend a penny on that costume, although I did spend my own time! Seeing that little booty walk down the street with her tail wagging was so stinkin cute! 

And can I just say that my husband is a trooper for being willing to dress up as a theme with us?! He really is the best. 

~Me and my big girl~ 

We stayed out later than the rest of the crew and did a little trick or treating by ourselves. It was fun and special to have a little one on one time.

And for my simple clown costume, I didn't make anything except the pom-poms for my shoes. 


  1. I love all of it! The lion hat and the pink skirt are just too much!


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