Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dining Room Makeover: The Big Reveal!!

I realize it has taken me a while to get my dining room finished, and really it's still not quite complete (because I want a new dining room table and chairs). But I've made lots of progress on it, and I'm calling it DONE. We will get new chairs eventually (these hopefully) and I can live with it in it's current state, it's still much better than it was when we started. So without further ado, here is the before picture.......

(This photo was taken after I hastily ripped all of the wallpaper down one night while John was out of town and I was very very pregnant.)


This space needed some color, I thought some greens and blues, so I made a  wall of landscapes. Some of the pictures were just cut out of a book on the great impressionists painters that I had lying around the house.  And the watercolors I painted myself. I chose gold, wood, and white frames because I thought they looked nice together and stood out against the black wall. If you've been keeping up with the transformation then you'll remember some of the other art that I was eyeing for this room, well that didn't necessarily fit into the budget and actually I'm quite happy with the new solution! 


I love the outdoors and think it feels so nice to live with natural elements, so I used driftwood, shells, plants, and the overall color scheme to create a rustic-with-a-little-glam atmosphere.The old ice box came from my in-laws, isn't it beautiful? I just placed a large aloe, some candlesticks, and shells on the top - the grouping really pops off  of the black wall.

 We were on a tight budget, so I did most of the work myself. I sewed the window treatments from a Premier Fabric - I think it was called Nora.  The driftwood mirror on the buffet was made using an old wooden mirror and lots of driftwood collected on our last beach trip. 

The items we actually purchased for the room are the chandelier, the sideboard, and the paint for the walls. Everything else was either moved from somewhere else in the house or handed down from family. Except the wire diamond chair which was a gift from my friend Brooke a few years ago. I love this chair - it's one of my faves! 

Now back to scheming about future projects...... the foyer / stairwell, the bathrooms, and hopefully the kitchen.........I know my husband will be so thrilled! ;)


  1. I love everything. It's beautiful. And bold and brave but oh so cozy!


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