Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birdie Dress.

Finished up this birdie dress a few days ago, and I think it's a hit with my Cella-bell. She is in love with the pink pom pom fringe at the bottom of the dress. It looks a little summery, but with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, I think she can rock it in the winter.

trying to take photos at night with a tired toddler is not the best plan......

Speaking of my spirited girl, here are a few things she said to me yesterday ~

"Mama, your face has spots on it, you look like a dalmation!"

"Mama, CJ (a kid at school) wears Scum Bodge (meaning Sponge Bob) panties, you told me boys don't wear panties but i saw them at school. Boys do wear panties, mom!"

I love this child. Her little brain is ninety to nothing ALL THE TIME. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interior Design: Mountain House

I've written a few posts about our progress on the McKay mountain house, and finally have a few photos to share. I think houses are a work in progress....treasures added over time make a house feel lived in and homey, so I'm sure we'll continue to add a few things here and there. We were waiting on a few key pieces of furniture to be delivered, and most of them came over the Thanksgiving holiday. I snapped these photos after my mother-in-law and I made a shopping run for a few last minute items. (Also on this shopping run, I discovered that my driver's license says that I weigh 400 pounds! What!? Never noticed it before.)

Not all rooms were photographed since they were disaster areas, courtesy of 2 wild and crazy girls! But here are some of my faves...... 

~Master Bedroom~
I love everything about this room, the duvet cover, the bench, the gorgeous mercury glass lamps,  the awesome driftwood mirror.......I could go on and on. Cella and I went on a walk and collected moss, rocks, and sticks for the arrangement on the dresser. I think it's perfect for a house in the mountains. {The chair in the corner is a substitution from the porch.....the actual one has not come in yet.}

~Downstairs Guest Room~ 
Cutest red beds ever. And check out the mini-rocker that we found at a consignment store, it was definitely a score!

~Living Room~
Such a cozy living room. I love the rustic color palette and the cool tribal pattern on the love seat. The lamp was on sale at Anthropologie, originally $700 and we got it for $168. Seriously, what a steal. I didn't select a coffee table for this room, because we didn't want it to feel overcrowded. It's nice to have an open area for the kids to run around. But if I were to choose a coffee table it would be 2 of these lucite tables from Anthropologie. The the perfect mix of rustic modern! And they're not visually heavy,  but still give a surface to place a drink or prop your feet up. 

~Kitchen & Dining Room~
My mother-in-law has a large collection of McCarty pottery so we used lots of pieces in the kitchen and throughout the house. They seem to be made for a setting like this. She chose the farmhouse sink and the glass / stone back splash, I think she made  excellent choices! The dining room table and chairs are antiques passed down from her mother, but we brought them up to date by having the chairs re-upholstered and both the table and chairs painted to give it a more casual vibe. The huge spherical chandelier is perfect for this space because it doesn't block the gorgeous view of the mountains.

It was great fun getting to work on this house with my mother-in-law, and put some of my interior design skills to work! It really means a lot that she trusted me enough to do this and we had so much fun in the process!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day of Thanks.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and since we were in the mountains of  North Carolina with spotty internet service I didn't get to do a blog post wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many good things in my life and I'm grateful  to God for all of them; my best friend and husband, all of my crazy amazing family, my husband's job which provides a roof over our head, our health and safety, my best friends who always make me laugh on our long phone conversations. I am so thankful for my baby girls. My sisters and our tight bond. And for grandparents that are always willing to help us out and support us beyond measure.

And I also want to say a big THANK YOU to those that read this blog, mostly my friends and family. After working as an interior designer for years, I had a baby, went on maternity leave, decided to stay at home, and before I knew it had another one! I truly love being here with my girls, but I did find myself yearning for a creative outlet. So I started this blog as a way to document my (I hope) progress in various interests......mostly interior design and sewing and maybe an art project here and there. I don't ever want to come across as bragging, that is definitely not the purpose. I am hoping that one day (when my girls are in school and I gots to get a job!) this blog will serve as some sort of resume / portfolio. So again thank you for reading, it really makes me smile when I see someone out and about and they tell me that they enjoy reading the blog.

Photos of my blessings....



Monday, November 21, 2011

River Friends Mobile

This was a specially comissioned mobile for my cousin's sweet baby Luke. They went all out on the nursery and requested a mobile to match. The nursery had a mural of frogs and an old cabin on the water so we chose these little "river friends" to tie in with their theme. And my cousin is a big duck hunter so of course we had to have a mallard in the mix! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Big Bow Dress

 Cella's closet has been looking pretty slim lately, most of her favorite dresses have made their way into little sis's closet. So I set out on a mission this week to make her 3 new dresses, and this is the first one. This one was the simplest one to make ~ I just used a nightgown pattern and added the big bow and a ruffle at the bottom.  The fabric I used is a Robert Kaufman fabric, I think. I love the colors in this fabric. You can't tell from the photos but each one of those yellow poofy things is outlined in a shimmery gold, and it gives the dress a nice sparkly quality. It turned out really sweet, I love it when little girls are dressed like little girls and not too grown up. 

 Now my girl loves some pink, so this is probably not going to be her favorite dress.....but sometimes I just have to say enough with the can be a bit much! And blue looks so pretty with her big blue eyes. She did say "oooooh, it's so coozzzy!!" so maybe she likes it okay.

The next dress will be more her style, which means it will have pink and be kind of over the top.

I'm pretty sure that I won't meet my goal of 3 dresses in one week, seriously, I don't know what I was thinking.......But I might be able to finish up the second one tomorrow. So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Monster Book-Ends

 I made these little bookends a while ago using Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby. They turned out so cute in Edie's room and are perfect for holding up her small board books. 

A word of warning - don't make these if you have roof rats and don't know it!! What started out as 2 separate pairs of bookends - green for Cella's room, yellow for Edie, has now merged into one pair..........due to roof rats eating through the fabric to get the rice!!! Ugh! So disgusting! We saw signs and immediately went to war with the rats, and right now i think we're winning, but I'm serious when I say that what we found in our attic was the most disgusting thing ever. A huge huge nest made of what looked like straw that filled up an entire black hefty bag. (If you want to get an idea of what it looked like google image roof rat nest and get ready.)

I'm sorry, this post started out so innocently and then took a turn for the worst. The next one won't be as gross, promise. For good measure here's a pic of my precious angel baby and her juicy little legs....mmm, i could just squeeze them all day long!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scored: A perfect dress-up trunk!

The other day my mother-in-law called to see if I wanted to go check out a European antiques furniture sale in a warehouse in Fondren. And of course I couldn't say no to a treasure hunt!!! We were really scouting a table and chairs for her kitchen, which we found, but we also found this beauty. 


I feel like I say this in every post, but I'm in love! I've wanted a trunk to store my girls' dress up clothes in for a while, and this piece was just calling my name. I mean seriously, could it go more perfectly with the new dining room color scheme?! (Although it probably won't stay in the dining room, it'll most likely move to the playroom or Cella's room). The exterior is a gorgeous green metal finish. I've never seen a trunk like if anyone out there knows anything about it, I'd love to hear from you. We'll probably add some type of safety hinge on the inside to keep from snapping any little fingers, but oh my gosh isn't it the coolest?

It has so many possibilities......When it grows out of being a dress-up trunk, maybe it could be a coffee table.... 

Also I want to say THANK YOU to my mother in law who foot the bill for this gorgeous find. Thank you Marcella for our new dress up chest -  we love it, it is perfect!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Finds - (mostly) Animal Inspired

I've spent too many hours on the computer lately, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite items and shops on Etsy at the moment.

First up -
The most adorable fox and mouse dresses from Wild Things, check out her shop because she has so many more items and they are all equally as cute. (Update: Shop owner, Kirsty, just let me know that if you use the code WILD2 she'll take 10% off when you place your order! How cool is that?)

These gorgeous winter coats from Little Goodall, out of Texas, are absolutely original and would be loved by little guys and girls alike! 

And these adorable dolls from Jess Quinn are hand crafted in England. Goodness are they cute!! 

Browsing through Etsy is so inspiring, there are just so many creative people in this world! Makes me want to get to work on my sewing machine.....

But for now, I'm off to pack for a weekend trip to my Papa's lakehouse. I can't wait to see him and the rest of my fam, we are celebrating his 82nd birthday. What a great man, we are so lucky to have him!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dining Room Makeover: The Big Reveal!!

I realize it has taken me a while to get my dining room finished, and really it's still not quite complete (because I want a new dining room table and chairs). But I've made lots of progress on it, and I'm calling it DONE. We will get new chairs eventually (these hopefully) and I can live with it in it's current state, it's still much better than it was when we started. So without further ado, here is the before picture.......

(This photo was taken after I hastily ripped all of the wallpaper down one night while John was out of town and I was very very pregnant.)


This space needed some color, I thought some greens and blues, so I made a  wall of landscapes. Some of the pictures were just cut out of a book on the great impressionists painters that I had lying around the house.  And the watercolors I painted myself. I chose gold, wood, and white frames because I thought they looked nice together and stood out against the black wall. If you've been keeping up with the transformation then you'll remember some of the other art that I was eyeing for this room, well that didn't necessarily fit into the budget and actually I'm quite happy with the new solution! 


I love the outdoors and think it feels so nice to live with natural elements, so I used driftwood, shells, plants, and the overall color scheme to create a rustic-with-a-little-glam atmosphere.The old ice box came from my in-laws, isn't it beautiful? I just placed a large aloe, some candlesticks, and shells on the top - the grouping really pops off  of the black wall.

 We were on a tight budget, so I did most of the work myself. I sewed the window treatments from a Premier Fabric - I think it was called Nora.  The driftwood mirror on the buffet was made using an old wooden mirror and lots of driftwood collected on our last beach trip. 

The items we actually purchased for the room are the chandelier, the sideboard, and the paint for the walls. Everything else was either moved from somewhere else in the house or handed down from family. Except the wire diamond chair which was a gift from my friend Brooke a few years ago. I love this chair - it's one of my faves! 

Now back to scheming about future projects...... the foyer / stairwell, the bathrooms, and hopefully the kitchen.........I know my husband will be so thrilled! ;)

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