Sunday, October 23, 2011

We have Ghosts!!

Well, not real ones just the ones that we hung from the trees in our front yard!! But really you never know.........


 I just love Halloween and with the big day coming in one week, I've got costumes on the brain. This year we're going to be a family circus, here is the costume run down - Edie: Lion, John: Lion-tamer, Me: Clown, Cella: Tightrope Walker. Now, don't worry I'm not going to be a scary wierd adult clown, I'm going to be more of a silly cutesy clown. I don't want to scar my girls for the rest of their lives! And though Cella is going to be our tightrope walker to fit in with our theme, she will just be a mass of pink sparkles and glitter (which will make her extremely happy).

~ A few snaps of the costumes in progress ~


And of course, more photos to come after Halloween!

Here's wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween!!

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