Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dining Room Decisions

Interior Design is not always a neat and tidy "Before and After", there is a lot of hard work in the middle that has to happen. And lots of decisions to be made. Here are a few that I'm contemplating at this moment........

 In LOVE with the classic lines of my new sideboard, but.........does the mirror stay or go? and do I leave the finish as is or try to lime it like my original inspiration piece? (And if I choose to lime it, then how the heck does one lime something?)

Currently working on the driftwood mirror, almost finished, but now I'm contemplating whether I want to leave it alone or add a thin white wash to the wood. I'm leaning toward white wash, what do y'all think?

So as you can see progress is slow going, but that's how it works in the real world....every little decision takes time, especially when you add chilluns to the mix.


  1. I've been looking for a sideboard just like that! Good find. I say keep the mirror - it could add some interesting depth to whatever objects you decide to display.

  2. Kasey- what a great find! I think doing the limewash on the piece would be the best way to tie it in with the driftwood (where is that going? across the room from the sideboard?). Last year I had to limewash an entire fence (tom sawyer/huck finn style) and it's a pretty simple process. If it was a family heirloom kind of piece then I would say no way to the lime wash. - B

  3. I also think you should change the hardware....just sayin...

  4. sorry...actually, I forgot about the chandelier that is already white. ok, and this is my last comment, I swear, leave the sideboard wood alone and just change the hardware or spray the existing with a metallic paint. You need to have a dinner party when it is done :)


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