Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Farm Day Dress

Here in Mississippi we've had the loveliest cool snap and boy have we been taking advantage!!  It's been so nice letting my girls play outside as long as they like and not worrying about the sweltering heat. I know this awesome weather will probably be gone next week and we will be back to 100 degree days, but for now we are making the most of it!

The cool weather reminded me of these dresses I made the girls last Fall.  I call them the "farm day dresses" because I feel like they should be exploring a farm in them.........or mabye even a pumpkin patch (that would have been a really cute photo shoot ~ oh well!)


I made Cella's dress with a kangaroo pouch pocket so she can stash all her stuff, and little E has two pockets that she doesn't really use right now.

The pockets are made from a fabric I found in my mom's old fabric stash........and this is hilarious, she used this vegetable print fabric to make herself a wrap skirt in the 80's. (You know wrap skirts were the big thing, among other terrible fashion trends.) It really cracks me up that a grown woman was wearing a vegetable print wrap skirt! (I love you mom!)
Speaking of horrible printed wrap skirts and since I've already embarassed one family sister, in this same time period was in kindergarten and loved her teacher so much that she asked my mom to make her a wrap skirt to match her teacher. And guess what the fabric was? Cow print!!! She also had a vest to match. It was awesome and we have pictures.


  1. I love this dress! You are so talented! Do you sell them? Custom orders? I will be happy to post on my Facebook page to all of my friends with children if you do.

  2. Sister picture please! And which one? A m or b will suffice. I need a mental image!!!

  3. thanks sarah! i've sold a few t-shirts,and i'm still selling hair accessories....but i'm working on maybe selling some clothes in the future. i'll let you know if it happens!

  4. rebecca - ha!!! it was B, next time you come to my mom's house we will get out the photo album.


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