Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Dining Room Makeover Update

Black Dining Room

I've been trying to pull my dining room together for the past few weeks but it has taken a back-seat to lots of In Bloom orders (for which I'm very thankful!). It is currently a disaster, I still need to make the curtains (the fabric shown above - it's not really that yellow), finish up my driftwood mirror, find a sideboard, and figure out what to do for the artwork. I thought I'd make a design board so I can visualize it a little better and finalize some decisions. Here are the things I'm trying to decide on:

1. Artwork - I love the marbleized prints  and the Walter Anderson paintings. But I could also see large green botanicals.

2. What to do about the table - we currently have a gate-leg table very similar to the one shown above. I love the style and how it looks but if we put seats at the end of the table one has to straddle the leg and I think that's odd. I don't know much about gate-leg tables, is that how it's supposed to work or am I doing something wrong?

3. I need to find a sideboard or buffet type piece. I LOVE the one shown above, it's from Wisteria, but unfortunately it's not in the budget. So I've been scouring the consignment stores around town. So far, no luck.

4. I'm trying to find more dining chairs. I'm really looking for an X-back chair or something similar to the Thonet bent-wood cafe chair.  I would probably paint them all white.

5. And finally, deciding on and finding a rug. The one above is gorgeous, I am seriously in love with the color. I'm wondering if I could find a wool rug with a design that I like and then dye it myself a fun kind of outrageous color? Hhmm... I will have to think about that. I can also picture a kilim rug in a bright raspberry color, that could be kind of fun, and would still look cool with the artwork.

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  1. Have you been to the outlet? They have some driftwood mirrors and I love them. they are seriously inexpensive on a lot of things. check the flea market in flowood for that sideboard if you want a good deal and can paint it with chalk paint. Paint! Opened up in fondren, too. One sample pot would do a sideboard. Also the flea market off high street.


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