Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art to Brighten Your Day!

I can't wait for the days when instead of asking for clinical strength deodorant, teeth whitenings strips, a lawnmower and a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, I can ask Santa Claus for an original piece of art!! I think art adds something to a house that massed produced prints just cannot achieve. An orginal painting or drawing (or art in any other medium) can make a space feel so alive and add movement to a room.

It would be fun to start a family tradition where we buy one piece of art a year. And it wouldn't have to be crazy expensive, just something that we want to live with everyday.

If I were going to buy something right now, it might be one of these gorgeous paintings by Michelle Armas.

* All painting photos via Michelle Armas

I love love love color, and these paintings are just so vibrant. They would make a cheerful addition to any house! The middle one would look awesome in my new black dining room, but unfortunately they are all (way) out of my price range.

Maybe one day I'll pick up my paint brush and make my own abstract for the dining room.......

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