Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tutorial : How to make a garland out of coffee filters!

Hey Friends! Some of you have asked me how to make the rainbow garlands that we used as decorations for Edie's birthday party.  Well, they could not be easier to make, so I thought I would show you.
This is a great project to do with your kids, as it is so easy that a 3 year old can do it! And they will think it is fun. And there is nothing like child labor! (Just kidding, don't be worried.)

        You will need the following supplies: 
  • coffee filters
  • water color paints and paint brushes
  • embroidery thread 
  • a large needle
  •  spray bottle of water

FIRST: Stack 2 or 3 coffee filters on top of one another. (You can do them one by one, but this is a trick I figured out after making a few.)

SECOND: Mist them with a little water.

THIRD: Go to town with your paint! You can brush back and forth or just make dots here and there. Use any colors you like, we did all the colors, but I think using just one color family could look beautiful too.

FOURTH: Mist again with your water bottle. (Or you don't have to, it's up to you how much you want your colors to bleed into each other.)

FIFTH: Peel them apart and lay them out to dry. It won't take long.

LAST:When they are dry, take one coffee filter, fold it in half and kind of bunch it in the center (I don't know if this makes sense, but check out the photo below to get a better idea). Then push your needle and thread through the center piece that you folded up. Loop it through 1 or 2 times then go about 4 inches down the thread and add another coffee filter. Keep doing this until you've strung all of your coffee filters.

Now, hang them up and ...TA-DA! 
You have beautiful and festive birthday decorations that are much prettier than the ones you can buy in the store and they cost much less! 
 After the party, don't throw them away, just store them in a Ziploc and break them out for the next big celebration!

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