Monday, July 4, 2011

My Sister's Wedding: The Flower Girl Dresses

My sister's wedding was a blast! The location was gorgeously romantic and southern, the bride was stunning, and I'm pretty sure everyone had the best time. I can't believe my baby sister is a married woman!

I hoped I would have time before the wedding to take a few photos myself, but somewhere in between getting dressed and finishing up last minute decorations I ran out of time!! Our photographer, Katie of Mary Moment Photography, was so much fun and as usual took amazing photos. I'm glad I haven't posted any of my own snapshots because I could never have captured the day as well as Katie. Her photos are so full of light and just plain beautiful. Here are some photos she took of the flower girls, Cella and Page. They loved being flower girls and took their job very seriously!

Cella and Page

I finished the dresses with a few days to spare, with a little help from my mom. She helped me make alot of the flowers, they were easy but time consuming! (Thank you STA, I love you!)

We chose a pale pink linen for the dress and an ivory cotton broadcloth for the flowers. The buttons were mother of pearl. I love this picture below, it is so sweet....

Blane and Page
My neice Page

The girls totally thought Blane was a princess. And my mother-in-law told me that when she was taking Cella  home after the ceremony she said "Did they live happily ever after?"

NOTE: The idea for these dresses came from katiedid, she made dresses like this for her girls and also posted a tutorial on how to make the flower collar. You can find it here.

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