Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Sister's Wedding: The Big Day!

It was so much fun planning this wedding with my sister. She was an easygoing bride and she wanted her wedding to be unique and fresh. I loved dreaming up ideas and was a little sad to see the day come and go.
The wedding ceremony was perfectly lovely and after the sun went down the party got cranked up on the dance floor. Our family loves to dance so we love a wedding with good music, and Blane and Garry's friends didn't disappoint either!

We chose to have the wedding and reception at Luckett Lodge. Blane wanted an outdoor wedding and it is really beautiful and has a swampy romantic vibe. (I just made up that term, but I like it...swamps are kind of romantic don't you think?).

I loved every single photo (taken by Katie of Mary Moment Photography) and it was so hard to choose some favorites, but here they are....I really would have posted every single one but then this would be the longest blog post ever.

Scenes from the guest book table and ceremony

 Seriously, is this not the most gorgeous bride you've ever seen?
I know I'm partial, but seriously.

Of course I had to do all of the hair accessories for the bridal party.

I made a centerpiece for the mantle and candles encircled the dance floor

  Gorgeous centerpieces (and all other) flowers by Au Courant 

Blowing bubbles on the Bride and Groom ~
Best wishes to Blane and Garry!

Also I want to say a big thank you to all of the ladies who helped us decorate on the big day: Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Ewell, Jen, Barbara, Paige, Aunt Judy, Megan - y'all were awesome, thank you so much! 
And thanks Angela from VIP, you are the best!


  1. I'm so glad to finally see all of the amazing decorations from the wedding. You are so talented! I wish you could've decorated my wedding. Anywho - it appears to have been a gorgeous wedding full of fun!

  2. Gorgeous Wedding! I absolutely love the flower girl dresses! You are amazing!


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