Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby E's first birthday!

I'm ONE!

We celebrated Edie's 1st birthday with friends and family on Sunday and had lots of fun! Edie loved playing with all her friends in the backyard and of course eating her cake. I made a little smash cake just for her, and the rest of us ate ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (yum!).

I recruited Cella to help me make the rainbow garlands. She really enjoyed it, and it was fun to work on a project together!

   I tried not to get too crazy with the decorations, but I did have to steal an idea from my gal Martha and make a number one out of pictures of my little one from the past year.

Mama's sweet girl!!


  1. Very cute! I love the "1" idea. Happy late birthday Edie. I am currently planning a pirate party for my little man's 4th birthday, they grow so fast.

  2. thanks danielle! a pirate party sounds awesome and i know you will take some great photos.


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