Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paint Inspiration: Sprucing up an Old Armoire

One of my best friends recently asked me for help deciding on a paint color for her armoire, and since we don't live in the same state I figure I'll make it a blog post. So Rebecca this is for you! And for anyone else  who needs some inspiration for sprucing up an old or ugly armoire!

When I think of my friend I think of lavender and purple, periwinkle blue, gray, white, and maybe some pale greens. It might be because in college she painted her mantle in her room purple.....or maybe because she has a French / European aesthetic when it comes to the way she dresses and decorates her home.

I did a little scouting on Pinterest for inspiration and here are some armoires that I liked.

A distressed white finish - very classic and beautiful, will not go out of style.

Gray with White details (also distressed) - charming and a little rustic.

Cornflower Blue - would add a pop (although, muted) of color in a room that is mostly neutral

Eggplant -  not for everyone, but is so elegant and would be great on an accent piece like an armoire

Dark Gray - a little industrial but in a good way

Now we get a little funky.....these are ideas for rooms that need drama, energy, or a bright pop of color!!  Don't be scared!

Black and Gold - moody, dramatic, and beautiful!
Neon Pink - Look out! not for everyone, but definitely makes a statement

Aqua Blue - looks great with most color palettes
Pink - a cute option for a little girl's room
Maybe the armoires in the photos above will give you some unique ideas on how to make a plain old armoire take center stage!

 All of the photos were found on Pinterest but I'm doing my best to give the original sources. Images from top to bottom: Hudsons Furniture, The Blue Porch Blog, not sure about this one, Mata Hina via Desire to Inspire, DecorPad Blog,
Habitually Chic Blog, Ada and Darcy Blog, House Beautiful, Canadian Family


  1. I'm painting and armoire and repurposing a dresser tomorrow! I'm thinking of before and after pics. I broke down and purchased Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis blue and Paris gray. I am so excited. Her colors are beautiful and you can mix your own colors very easily by mixing them. If you Google mustard seed chalk paint, you will see the colors on a dresser.

  2. Oh! I'm on pinterest too. Look for me, sewhappyjen is my name or look VIA my email addy ;) I waste a lot of time there.

  3. Kasey!! You're a rock star! Thanks so much. Jake and I are discussing. I would make lengthy comments on each picture bc I really love them all. But I have to say that I'm surprised/impressed you remember my purple mantle. What about the pigs blood mantle in the living room? Member that?! Love ya friend! Thanks again!!

  4. jen- i can't wait to see how it turns out, you will have to send me pictures.

  5. you're welcome rebecca! pigs blood mantle - haha! that was the most disgusting color ever!


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