Sunday, June 19, 2011

Designing a House in the Mountains

I'm a little crazy right now, my brain is running in a million directions with all the projects I have going on. I was in the middle of painting my dining room when we went on a much needed vacation to the beach. It was so much fun, but I really wish I would have finished the painting before I left because coming home to an unfinished mess is not cool! And I'm helping my mother-in-law design their new mountain house in North Carolina - it is an adorable house on the side of a mountain with amazing views. Our timeline is pretty short because the builder is almost finished and we need to order the furniture soon. Here are my ideas for a few of the rooms in the house.

                                Living Room
Mountain House - Living Rm 2

Mountain House - Living Rm by Kasey McKay on 

       Grandkid's Bedroom
mountain house - kids bedroom

mountain house - kids bedroom by Kasey McKay on 

     The "Blue" Bedroom
Mountain House - Blue Room

We still have to make final decisions on a few more rooms, but I think it is really coming together.
I can't wait to spend many family vacations here!

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