Thursday, June 30, 2011

A new friend in town!

Our extremely thoughtful and sweet friend Brooke sent the cutest birthday present for Edie the other day. This adorable owl pillow made by a talented girl named Lindsey Poe out of Asheboro, NC. You can find these fun pillows and more at her etsy shop called One Green Mama.

It is so cute and it's giving me some inspiration........I might have to try my hand at making a pup dog pillow for Cella since she is quite obsessed with pup dogs. And so she doesn't steal Edie's birthday present (I know she will try!).

Brooke - Edie says thank you for her new friend !! She loves it and it looks darling in her room. 
We miss you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Sunsuit for Edie

I finished up Edie's sunsuit a few days ago and was able to snap a few photos while 
she played on the couch today. 


My sweet little Tater!

If you too think sunsuits are the most adorable thing ever then check this post out I did a few weeks ago. It's a round up of some of the cutest summer sunsuits!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dining Room in Progress!

It's still a work in progress....but oh my goodness, it's looking so good! We've finally finished painting and I am in love with the color. I don't know why I was hesitant or nervous because this room should have been black all along, it's like it has been waiting 2 years to be matched up with it's perfect color! Last week we (and by we I mean John) hung the curtain rods and the new chandelier. Here it is.

Here is my favorite spot with the antique icebox, massive aloe plant, and shells that we found on the beach when we lived in Charleston.
Now, I just need to make the window treatment panels (first I have to decide between linen or burlap), make the driftwood mirror, and find the perfect (inexpensive) art.

This room is calling out for this Walter Anderson painting, but since it is an original and not a print it's probably not in the budget. Maybe I can just buy a Walter Anderson print and paint it similar colors......I feel like the this room would look best with art in the blue and green range. 

I feel like my house is finally starting to look like a grown up might live here......but not too grown up, still fun and fresh!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pleated Collar Dress

I've been totally focused on improving my home lately and have been slacking on the sewing posts (although I am working on a really cute sunsuit for Edie right now!). So I thought I'd post a dress that I made last summer for my sweet Cella-bel! These photos were taken in August 2010 and she can still wear it with leggings. It also looks cute with rolled up jeans. This was one of the first dresses I made where I kind of did my own thing and didn't really use a pattern. I learn something new with each garment I make and with this one I made the pleated collar a little too short so it didn't wrap all the way around the neck. It's not that noticeable, but if I made another one I would pay more attention and make it longer.

Striking a pose!

And now a few pictures from the backyard, notice the green gummy worm in her mouth.....yes, I had to bribe her!

 You might even be able to climb a tree in a dress like this.

I loved this fabric and still do, it is Memento Midnight from Amy Butler's Love collection.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Designing a House in the Mountains

I'm a little crazy right now, my brain is running in a million directions with all the projects I have going on. I was in the middle of painting my dining room when we went on a much needed vacation to the beach. It was so much fun, but I really wish I would have finished the painting before I left because coming home to an unfinished mess is not cool! And I'm helping my mother-in-law design their new mountain house in North Carolina - it is an adorable house on the side of a mountain with amazing views. Our timeline is pretty short because the builder is almost finished and we need to order the furniture soon. Here are my ideas for a few of the rooms in the house.

                                Living Room
Mountain House - Living Rm 2

Mountain House - Living Rm by Kasey McKay on 

       Grandkid's Bedroom
mountain house - kids bedroom

mountain house - kids bedroom by Kasey McKay on 

     The "Blue" Bedroom
Mountain House - Blue Room

We still have to make final decisions on a few more rooms, but I think it is really coming together.
I can't wait to spend many family vacations here!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paint Inspiration: Sprucing up an Old Armoire

One of my best friends recently asked me for help deciding on a paint color for her armoire, and since we don't live in the same state I figure I'll make it a blog post. So Rebecca this is for you! And for anyone else  who needs some inspiration for sprucing up an old or ugly armoire!

When I think of my friend I think of lavender and purple, periwinkle blue, gray, white, and maybe some pale greens. It might be because in college she painted her mantle in her room purple.....or maybe because she has a French / European aesthetic when it comes to the way she dresses and decorates her home.

I did a little scouting on Pinterest for inspiration and here are some armoires that I liked.

A distressed white finish - very classic and beautiful, will not go out of style.

Gray with White details (also distressed) - charming and a little rustic.

Cornflower Blue - would add a pop (although, muted) of color in a room that is mostly neutral

Eggplant -  not for everyone, but is so elegant and would be great on an accent piece like an armoire

Dark Gray - a little industrial but in a good way

Now we get a little funky.....these are ideas for rooms that need drama, energy, or a bright pop of color!!  Don't be scared!

Black and Gold - moody, dramatic, and beautiful!
Neon Pink - Look out! not for everyone, but definitely makes a statement

Aqua Blue - looks great with most color palettes
Pink - a cute option for a little girl's room
Maybe the armoires in the photos above will give you some unique ideas on how to make a plain old armoire take center stage!

 All of the photos were found on Pinterest but I'm doing my best to give the original sources. Images from top to bottom: Hudsons Furniture, The Blue Porch Blog, not sure about this one, Mata Hina via Desire to Inspire, DecorPad Blog,
Habitually Chic Blog, Ada and Darcy Blog, House Beautiful, Canadian Family

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