Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The beginning of a Garden

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't posted in quite sometime...well things have been crazy around here. We've had 4 birthday celebrations in the past 2 weeks and my sister's wedding is on Saturday. I've been sewing, decorating, and brain-storming like crazy and I cannot wait for this weekend! I love a good wedding - fun, music, dancing, drinks, and of course LOVE!!

In the mist of all the chaos, we have been trying to work on our yard and plant our summer garden. And by we, I mean mostly my husband! Ha! (I really do love gardening, I just find that usually I help pick out the plants and tell him where I would like things to go and he is the actual placer!) I do love yard work and digging in the dirt, so when Lil' E is napping, Cella and I like to help out as much as we can.

Here are some snapshots of our garden from last weekend, as we were planting.

Our little crop this year includes:   
Bell Peppers and  Hot Peppers
Eggplant - japanese and white (can't wait to see what this one looks like!)
Spaghetti Squash
Blueberries  (planted last year) 
and one Artichoke plant (we are going to try it and see what happens)
Am I forgetting anything? We probably have some basil in there too as we are addicted to homemade pesto!

This is our raised bed, it has the cucumbers, eggplant, squash, okra, and peppers. The rest of the plants are in large barrels or in pots (except the blueberry bushes - they are in the flower bed). And how cute are the little stainless steel markers? I picked those up at the dollar spot at Target!
It is fun and satisfying to grow your own food. I'm looking forward to eating delicious homegrown veggies all summer long!

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  1. Wow! I am impressed! This is something I have always wanted to do but I know will never get around to! Cant wait to see what grows!


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