Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snapshots from NYC

For an early birthday present this year, John and I went to New York for a long weekend. It was amazing....I can't believe it was my first time and I'm almost 31. Here are a few of my favorites...

seeing the statue of liberty for the first time
the bright colors of chinatown
and the markets with food i've never seen before
the awesome store window displays
walking through central park

 the MET and the Guggenheim - i love museums!

 the architecture and art of the MOMA, especially this staircase

the awe-inspring cathedrals

walking around late at night with my favorite person
And a few other favorite things from NYC:

*Seeing Wicked on Broadway, what an amazing show! I would've posted pics, but they wouldn't let me take any because the set is copyrighted. 
* Strolling the Highline

*Eating delicious food.....oh how I miss really good restaurants!
*Having my first celebrity sighting was Mo Rocca - he is so awesome, I was excited and John thought I was a big goober.

We had so much fun, just us together, without the kids. But, man, when we got back we were so happy to see our babies' faces!!

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  1. So great Kasey!! I love NYC!! So glad you had fun :) happy birthday!!


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