Monday, March 7, 2011

Treasure Hunt: pink bamboo nesting stools

This weekend we decided to go for a little treasure hunt at some of our local consignments shops. I do love looking through "treasures" at antique and thrift stores - it is one of my favorite things to do!!

We have a long long list of furniture that we would like for our house - a media  cabinet, dining table, kitchen table, kitchen chairs, etc. etc., and I really prefer to buy used pieces since it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive. We didn't find anything on our list, but we did find these awesome bamboo nesting stools!

 They are so fun and I think they are a real score - only $34 for all three! They kind of have a funky 70's sunroom vibe and I'm in love with them!
And they remind me of a little of these baskets from Serena and Lily that are on my wishlist.

Serena and Lily storage baskets

If I ever decide not to use them as a table, it would be cute to turn them upside down and use them as toy storage.

Now, the girls are asleep and I have a precious dress to finish up for my niece......hopefully I can post pics of it tomorrow!


  1. Where EVER did you find those?! They're so cool. Take me on your next Treasure Hunt. I'm a bad "hunter".

  2. Where EVER did you find these?! They are so cool. Next time you're Treasure Hunting take me pretty please! I'm a bad "hunter".

  3. melissa, i got them at repeat street, and we should go treasure hunting together. i really want to go to the flea market soon, maybe we can go together?


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