Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Better than a Treehouse?

Okay, I am a BIG fan of treehouses. Almost everyday I think about them, check out my backyard, try to figure out if there is any way possible to make one in my backyard. (We don't really have space for one, but believe me I'm trying to come up with a plan.) 

And then today while googling pictures of treehouses, I stumbled across the Human Nest.  O MY GOSH!  Seriously, a HUMAN NEST?!!? Y'all this is awesome...........check out these pictures. 

Treebones Resort
Treebones Resort

The photos above are from the TreeBones Resort in Big Sur, California. Look at the view, isn't it gorgeous? This nest was created by an artist named Jason Fann of Spirit Garden. They also describe how they build each nest, which is pretty fascinating.

Here are a few more photos of human nests....I'm thinking a combo nest/treehouse might bring the best of both worlds to a backyard. 
Dedon Human Nest

And this book by another "nest" artist Patrick Dougherty probably has lots of inspirational photos and could really get the creative juices flowing!

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