Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Chevron Shirt

My first ever shirt!!! Really this is not the first shirt I've ever worn (hehe), it is just the first shirt I've ever made for myself! I used this  Simplicity pattern. It's a dress pattern, but by adding a little length to the bodice, I made a shirt. 

I love the ruffle around the neck!! It should be a little fuller, but I ran out of fabric. Maybe it's better that it's less full, because I'm a short gal and it might have been too much! 

Here are some pics of me trying to model it....feeling like a fool! I need someone to come over to my house and model my stuff for me..... Maybe I can get my sister next time?!

Isn't this fabric cute? It's a Denise Schmidt fabric. It is a little sheer so I am wearing a tank top underneath. But it feels so soft and light, and it is comfy! (And much cheaper than a store bought shirt!) (I like that I just said "store bought shirt" - it sounds like we're in the 1800s.)

It wasn't too hard and didn't take that long, but it is still easier sewing for my girls since they don't have any curves to contend with!

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