Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy birthday to my favorite person EVER!

 It is going to be a fun weekend, my favorite person EVER is turning 31 (Happy Birthday John, I love you so much!)! And we are going out on the town tonight with friends while our babies have a spend the night with their grandparents. Which means we get to sleep in tomorrow - YAY! I might be more excited about sleeping tomorrow than going out, just kidding...but maybe not.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Chevron Shirt

My first ever shirt!!! Really this is not the first shirt I've ever worn (hehe), it is just the first shirt I've ever made for myself! I used this  Simplicity pattern. It's a dress pattern, but by adding a little length to the bodice, I made a shirt. 

I love the ruffle around the neck!! It should be a little fuller, but I ran out of fabric. Maybe it's better that it's less full, because I'm a short gal and it might have been too much! 

Here are some pics of me trying to model it....feeling like a fool! I need someone to come over to my house and model my stuff for me..... Maybe I can get my sister next time?!

Isn't this fabric cute? It's a Denise Schmidt fabric. It is a little sheer so I am wearing a tank top underneath. But it feels so soft and light, and it is comfy! (And much cheaper than a store bought shirt!) (I like that I just said "store bought shirt" - it sounds like we're in the 1800s.)

It wasn't too hard and didn't take that long, but it is still easier sewing for my girls since they don't have any curves to contend with!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A new Highchair cushion and a Daisy Pickin' Outfit

I've been meaning to make a cushion for Edie's high chair since she was born, and she is now 7 months old. I just finished it, but really she is just now able to use it anyway so I don't think she minds! It was very easy and turned out pretty cute. And if you can't tell by now I obviously like the aqua and yellow color combination! 

New Cushion for Edie's Highchair

I think she likes it!

Making clothes for the spring and summer is one of my major To-Dos right now. If  I don't start early then it seems that spring and summer will be here before I can get anything done. We love to play outside and it has been in the 70s this week! (WooHoo!). It is so nice to see the sun and I can just picture my Sweet E sitting in the grass picking flowers in this outfit.

Daisy Pickin' Outfit
 The clever thing about this outfit is that the top is made from an old button down shirt! All the men in our family give us their old shirts that they don't want anymore, and I refashion them into outfits for the girls. It is a win-win, I think. I don't spend alot of money on fabric, and they can give me their old stuff instead of making a trip to the Goodwill!

Also, to get that cool pleat, I just turned the back part of the shirt inside out and made it the front. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it makes it look like I got all fancy and pleated the front of the dress when I really didn't!

Happy Friday ~ Do something fun outside!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lovin this List

Edie Madolin
Cella Gray

 A few things that I'm lovin right now........

* Number One - my beautiful baby girls!

* Scrumptious homemade peanut butter cups........recipe here. (So good, I can't stop eating them!)

* Beautiful artwork by Michelle Armas.

* A lovely silhouette headboard for a special little girl.

* An awesome dress  perfect for the summer. And for hanging all day in the yard with 2 rowdy girls.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet E's Nursery

The past 2 weeks have flown goal was to do a post a week, so I will try to get better at this whole blogging thing. Here are some photos of my sweet E's nursery. I'm still not quite finished with it, but it's close enough.

I love the Japanese children's clothing - they were given to us by my in-laws and are perfect for this room.

View of the daybed. I have plans to sew some yellow and white pillows for the bed, hopefully I can post them soon! The nightstand was from Target and originally black; we painted it white with yellow and white stripes on the side and added some aqua knobs from Anthropologie.

I made the goldfish mobile out of felt and it hangs above the baby bed. The wall art is a postcard from our trip to France and C's old baby shoes.

I have to say I love this room - it is just so cheerful and has a sunny feeling! I hope my little one loves playing and growing in this room.

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