Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration Board: i'm dreaming of a black dining room

Black rooms have been my obsession for quite some time, and since my dining room desperately needs a makeover I'm thinking that's where I need to try it out. Dark walls with a mix of rustic and glitzy elements would be so beautiful and cozy. This photo has been stuck in my head for years, ever since it was published in the oldie but goodie Domino Magazine.

Here is my inspiration board, using the photo above as a starting point. These items are really just dream items, I'll most likely be scouring the consignment/antique stores and making most things myself!

Dining Room Inspiration Board

Dining Room Inspiration Board by Kasey McKay on

I'm really loving the dark blue rug with the black walls. That color combo is not the first that would come to mind, but it looks really cool. Add some succulents (my fave) and I think the room would be the perfect!

P.S. So now that I've got my board done, I'm realizing there are not any "glitzy" elements to the room! Maybe I'll have to do another option with glitz - then I can choose between the two.

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